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Into The Video Game Z

Welcome ya' goonz. After 4.5 Years of Into The Video Game, we're going even further beyond. Join the boys in the more grimy and unhinged sequel; Into The Video Game Z

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Mar 25, 2021

PSVR 2 Controllers detailed- 1:39
Playstation buys EVO- 3:14
Square Enix Presents- 13:03
PS3/Vita/PSP Shop may be closing this summer- 19:30
Embracer Group raises 890m for more acquisitions- 22:58
Microsoft rumored to be looking into acquiring Discord- 25:03
Xbox Live rebranding to Xbox Network- 27:32

Mar 18, 2021

NVIDIA rumored to be ending production of the original Switch SOC- 00:15
Bethesda exclusivity update/new Game Pass drops- 14:04
No dual wielding or playable Elites in Halo Infinite- 18:59
Samsung to "aggressively" position OLED tech across multiple growing sectors- 28:28
EAGate controversy- 32:28
Nintendo hopes to...

Mar 11, 2021

Switch Pro seemingly confirmed, Samsung OLED screen and 4k output option- 00:13
Guilty Gear Strive delayed- 21:02
Diablo 2 Resurrected will accept save files from original game- 23:02
Pyra and Mythra detailed in Smash presentation- 24:43
New Game Plus Expo announcements- 29:35
V1 interactive shuts down after...

Mar 4, 2021

Sony State of Play announcements- 1:08
Pokemon Presents announces Diamond/Pearl Remakes and the ambitious Pokemon Legends Arceus- 26:13
Dragon Age 4 allowed to drop live-service aspect, EA goes more hands off- 56:24
Sony Japan Studio toning down development- 1:07:12
Sony patents controlling VR with fruits-...