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Into The Video Game Z

Welcome ya' goonz. After 4.5 Years of Into The Video Game, we're going even further beyond. Join the boys in the more grimy and unhinged sequel; Into The Video Game Z

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Dec 28, 2018

NPD November; PS4 takes unit sales, Switch takes dollar sales, all consoles sell above 1.3 Million
Rumor of a third Xbox console, codenamed Maverick, Spring 2019 release?
Xbox All Access financing program ending at end of year, but will return "updated" sometime in 2019
Bethesda forcing Fallout 76 cheaters to...

Dec 19, 2018

Bethesda allegedly breaching data protection laws
Fallout 76 player declares himself the raidboss, vows to become the endgame content
Razer wants to use your PC to mine cryptocurrency
Epic Games offers cross play services to all devs for free
Discord undercuts both Epic and Steam by offering a 90/10 revenue split...

Dec 13, 2018

Fallout 76 support site leaked personal info to other players
Soulja Boy brands a knockoff console
Xbox One wins highest growth of three major consoles this year "unprecedented year to year growth"
South Korea criminalizes boosting in games, fine and potential jail time
Switch sells 200k units in the UK alone over...

Dec 5, 2018

Switch has best sales week ever over Black Friday-Cyber Monday
FTC will investigate lootboxes
Sony patents new game cartridge tech
Nintendo gets rid of Creator program, streamlines content guidelines for Twitch and Youtube
Epic Games plans to release a steam rival, promises devs 88% cut of game sales across the...