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Into The Video Game

Welcome ya' goons. We're a rising consortium of hobby analysts bringing you unfiltered gaming industry news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. We strive for a focus on the technical aspects of games and consoles, and love pouring over sales data and anticipating the future of the industry.


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Jan 28, 2021

Gamestop Stock goes to the Moon- 00:38
Apple working on high-end "niche" vr headset- 9:02
Microsoft reverses Xbox Live price hike decision and makes F2P games not require online- 12:25
Microsoft 2020 financials show 18m Game Pass subscribers, huge gaming revenue/hardware boosts- 16:31
Vicarious Visions becomes a Blizzard subsidiary- 18:08
Hyrule Warriors ships 3.5m to become best selling Musou of all time- 23:28
Runescape developer Jagex is bought for 530m- 27:32
KOTOR rumors leak; not being worked on by EA or BioWare- 28:55
19m people picked up Battlefront 2 when it was free on the Epic Game Store- 35:03
AMD suggests hardware won't be back in stock until 2nd half of 2021- 38:03
Resident Evil Presentation shows off Village and RE:Verse- 45:12
Hitman III- 1:02:02
Future of Fighting Game Tournaments- 1:09:24