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Into The Video Game

Welcome ya' goons. We're a rising consortium of hobby analysts bringing you unfiltered gaming industry news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. We strive for a focus on the technical aspects of games and consoles, and love pouring over sales data and anticipating the future of the industry.


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Sep 24, 2020

Pre-order problems for RTX 3080, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X- 00:52
3DS ends production- 17:16
Nintendo Direct Mini announcements- 23:05
Sony's Jim Ryan throws shade at Xbox Series S- 34:13
Sony first party games will be $70- 37:48
No PS1/PS2/PS3 backwards compatibility for PS5- 45:47
Game Pass has 15M subscribers- 49:48
Microsoft acquires Zenimax Media for 7.5B, giving them Bethesda, ID, Arkane, Tango Gameworks, and more- 51:24
Rumors of Microsoft acquiring Sega resurface, but that would be extremely difficult- 1:10:11
Blizzard Co-founder Mike Morhaime opens new studio with ex-blizzard veterans- 1:27:24
Half Life Alyx is game changing- 1:28:58
Marvel's Avengers needs some work- 1:35:59