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Into The Video Game

Welcome ya' goons. We're a rising consortium of hobby analysts bringing you unfiltered gaming industry news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. We strive for a focus on the technical aspects of games and consoles, and love pouring over sales data and anticipating the future of the industry.


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Jul 29, 2021

Activision-Blizzard Lawsuit- 00:13
EA Play Live- 22:07
Amazon's New World passes 200k concurrent players- 40:29
That's No Moon studio gets 100m from Smilegate, former Naughty Dog, Sony, and Infinity Ward devs- 45:13
New power regulations in some states hit PC prebuilts- 48:11
Guilty Gear datamines and...

Jul 22, 2021

Netflix adding games as part of subscription- 00:50
Valve announces the Steamdeck- 1:44
No Star Wars or Skate at EA Play- 18:27
War Thunder fan leaks classified tank documents- 24:42
DLSS is now a simple download for devs- 29:39
Ubisoft announces XDefiant- 30:48
Sega, Xbox, Bandai Namco, and Ubisoft headlining at...

Jul 15, 2021

Sony State of Play- 1:00
Resident Evil Village sells 4.5m- 3:41
China facial recognition for kids to keep playing- 4:55
Tencent's offer to buy Crytek under military scrutiny- 8:05
7 Persona announcements for 25th anniversary- 11:20
Lost Judgment protag talent agency disputing with devs- 16:22
Nickelodeon All-Star...

Jul 8, 2021

In-Game video game ads; EA and Hi-Rez are already interested- 1:05
Sony acquires PC port developer Nixxes- 6:29
Kojima allegedly signs letter of intent with Xbox for a project- 8:27
FidelityFX Super Resolution is able to be modded into games- 10:02
Mass Effect and Dragon Age will NOT be at EA Play- 11:14

Jul 1, 2021

Windows 11 Reveal- 00:56
AMD is selling failed PS5 hardware?- 14:27
Fan Translators and NISA Partner to localize Trails games- 16:50
Sony buys Housemarque and probably Bluepoint- 22:55
Konami partner with Bloober on future project- 25:13
505 announces Control multiplayer game- 35:17
Todd Howard says ES6 still in...