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Into The Video Game Z

Welcome ya' goonz. After 4.5 Years of Into The Video Game, we're going even further beyond. Join the boys in the more grimy and unhinged sequel; Into The Video Game Z

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Jan 28, 2021

Gamestop Stock goes to the Moon- 00:38
Apple working on high-end "niche" vr headset- 9:02
Microsoft reverses Xbox Live price hike decision and makes F2P games not require online- 12:25
Microsoft 2020 financials show 18m Game Pass subscribers, huge gaming revenue/hardware boosts- 16:31
Vicarious Visions becomes a...

Jan 21, 2021

Steam has more monthly users than Xbox and Playstation- 1:12
Switch took 87% of Japan's console market last year- 2:10
Outriders has some impressively low PC requirements- 3:39
Fight Game Code of Conduct debuted- 5:51
Jason Schreier Cyberpunk 2077 report and response- 21:18
Take Two patents some new AI technology-...

Jan 14, 2021

SciresM Switch Pro datamine suggests OLED screen and an SOC capable of 4K- 1:19
PC Hardware Prices to rise as tariffs come back into place- 11:43
CSGO gets rid of bots in competitive- 16:06
Switch is the market leader in China- 18:32
Polish Government threatens CDPR with 10% revenue cut if they do not fix...

Jan 7, 2021

Koei Tecmo hit by Cyber Attacks- 1:08
100 Billion hours of gaming content was viewed in 2020- 2:21
Steam crack 25m concurrent users near New Year- 4:24
Steam 2020 best sellers- 5:34
PS5 moves 3.5m in one month and seeks to push 18m in 2021- 12:17
Bandai Namco's Harada says he's working on company's most...