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Into The Video Game Z

Welcome ya' goonz. After 4.5 Years of Into The Video Game, we're going even further beyond. Join the boys in the more grimy and unhinged sequel; Into The Video Game Z

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Mar 25, 2020

Mark Cerny's PS5 presentation- 1:07
Konami denies Silent Hill rumors- 30:22
Steam hits 22M concurrent record, COD Warzone hits 30M- 31:42
Gamestop deems itself essential business amid shutdowns, is shut down anyway- 32:10
DOOM Eternal accidentally launches without DRM from the Bethesda Launcher- 38:19

Mar 18, 2020

E3 and pretty much everything is cancelled- 3:25
COVID-19 causes games themselves to change, notably Pokemon Go and NBA 2k20- 8:21
Steam breaks concurrent player record with 20M- 10:21
Call of Duty Warzone hits 6m players in 24hrs, 15m in a few days- 15:03
Xbox Series X official features detailed- 16:56
Mark Cerny...

Mar 11, 2020

Reggie joins the Gamestop Board of Directors- 0:59
PS2 is 20 years old- 8:44
Star Wars Project Maverick leak- 13:19
Amnesia Rebirth- 18:34
Resident Evil 3 Remake new info- 21:12
Coronavirus concerns cancel most major gaming events, have industry employees working from home- 25:43
E3 will likely be...

Mar 4, 2020

Platinum Games announces Project G.G and new Tokyo studio for live service games- 1:02
Switch turns 3 years old- 8:42
GDC canceled due to Coronavirus fears, relief fund set up for Indie devs- 17:10
GOG 30-day refund policy is placing a bet on the good faith of players- 20:41
Baldur's Gate 3 revealed at PAX East-...