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Into The Video Game

Welcome ya' goons. We're a rising consortium of hobby analysts bringing you unfiltered gaming industry news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. We strive for a focus on the technical aspects of games and consoles, and love pouring over sales data and anticipating the future of the industry.

Oct 12, 2017

The team talks about a load of Microsoft news, the Battlefront 2 Beta, and the acceleration of pay-to-win tech. Josh gets hands on with Super Mario Odyssey.

(Hosted by Cam, Josh, Sam)

Email Questions:

Is Unity worth learning to start being a dev?

What's the most frustrating game mechanic you'd want gone?


almost two years ago


Lead-In and News: Beginning
Miffed Minute: 22:40
Weekly Recommendation: 30:32
Battlefront 2 Beta: 34:34
Danganronpa V3: 46:43
Hands-on with Mario Odyssey: 48:11
Shadow of War/Shadow of Mordor: 53:04
Inflation in Games and Lootbox Design: 55:07
Recently Released and Upcoming Games: 59:57
**Email Section: 1:01:29
Is Unity Worth Learning to Start?: 1:04:15
What is the most frustrating mechanic you'd like gone? 1:06:10
Ending and Shill: 1:18:37